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09:08 Changeset[969] von kriegaex
Mark historic release ds-0.2.9-p8, so we can diff against it and re-create …
09:03 Changeset[968] von kriegaex
Initial upload of kernel 2.4 series ds-0.2.9-p8 without any changes, i.e. …


15:16 Changeset[967] von kriegaex
svn merge -r 965:966 — …
15:07 Changeset[966] von kriegaex
It seems as if USB mounts only work with original kernel, if fat/vfat are …
05:51 Changeset[965] von kriegaex
Add compression
03:00 Changeset[964] von kriegaex
Every real software needs an about dialog ;-)


13:11 Changeset[963] von kriegaex
Changed DS_TYPE_FON_WLAN_7150 to DS_TYPE_FON_7150 and name "Fon WLAN 7150" …


16:49 Changeset[962] von kriegaex
Bump Dropbear to 0.50, fix patches, update packages
09:44 Changeset[961] von kriegaex
Release tag for ds26-15.2 maintenance release
09:44 Changeset[960] von kriegaex
Change version to 15.2 in preparation of release tag.
09:38 Changeset[959] von kriegaex
Full copy from trunk to branch 'stable-15', because since 15.1 all changes …
09:36 Changeset[958] von kriegaex
Remove branch 'stable-15' so it can be re-created later by doing a full …
09:35 Changeset[957] von kriegaex
Add all changes since release 15.1 in preparation of 15.2
07:30 Changeset[956] von kriegaex
Fix missing TARGET_CONFIGURE_OPTS introduced a few weeks ago in #920. It …
07:27 Changeset[955] von kriegaex
Forgot to commit Haserl version bump in rev. #954, which is essential for …
03:10 Changeset[954] von kriegaex
Add firmware update button to DS-Mod web UI: * The new update assistant …
02:51 Changeset[953] von kriegaex
- Change layout a little bit: Both graphical bars now show the percentage …


22:00 Meilenstein ds26-15 erreicht
ds26 Release 15 (Kernel 2.6) [source:tags/15.2/CHANGELOG


15:47 Changeset[952] von mickey
updated to (critical security bugfix, see …
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