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23:19 Changeset[699] von kriegaex
Merge in #698 from branch 'stable-15'
23:17 Changeset[698] von kriegaex
Add "SHELL:=/bin/bash" to Makefile because of this: …
22:39 Changeset[697] von oliver
Merge #696 into trunk
22:38 Changeset[696] von oliver
Fix missing prerequisite (libpcap)
22:12 Changeset[695] von oliver
Merge #694 into trunk
22:04 Changeset[694] von oliver
No libs as prerequisites for configure, add "—with-terminfo" switch to …
21:56 Changeset[693] von mike
- Merged rev:691 into trunk
21:55 Changeset[692] von oliver
Fix fuse install (fuse.pc was not copied thus pkgconfig couldn't detect …
21:02 Changeset[691] von mike
- Libncurses is needed for midnight commander
20:47 Changeset[690] von oliver
Merge #689 into trunk
20:45 Changeset[689] von oliver
Fix pppd package (forgot symbolic link)
20:35 Changeset[688] von oliver
Merge #687 into trunk
20:11 Changeset[687] von oliver
Fix eumex third phone patch (by MaxMuster)
18:42 Changeset[686] von mike
-Upgraded libncurses to 5.6
18:33 Changeset[685] von mike
-Added mtr package
15:48 Changeset[684] von kriegaex
Mark trunk as 'ds26-pre16'
15:29 Changeset[683] von kriegaex
Release tag ds26-15 (not 15.0, just 15 this time)
15:25 Changeset[682] von kriegaex
Tag base revision of branch 'stable-15' (#681)
15:19 Changeset[681] von kriegaex
Branch for releases ds26-15.x
15:18 Changeset[680] von kriegaex
Mini-update: libjsip ist compiled statically into dtmfbox
14:01 Changeset[679] von kriegaex
Fix download URL
12:35 Changeset[678] von oliver
Fix ctorrent-precompiled prerequisite
12:21 Changeset[677] von oliver
Fix typo
12:08 Changeset[676] von oliver
Acutalize ctorrent package version
11:59 Changeset[675] von oliver
Remove unnecessary lib
11:24 Changeset[674] von oliver
libpjsip only builds static hence the libs are not needed in the firmware …
11:21 Changeset[673] von oliver
Fix typo
02:23 Changeset[672] von oliver
Changelog update
02:05 Changeset[671] von oliver
Fix typo
02:04 Changeset[670] von oliver
New makefile structure for
01:58 Changeset[669] von oliver
Fix pjsip patch
01:55 Changeset[668] von oliver
Add comment to ldd task
01:53 Changeset[667] von oliver
Delete binary from pppd package
01:52 Changeset[666] von oliver
Add pppd and pppd package to version control, edit (dtmfbox, …
01:50 Changeset[665] von oliver
Add dtmfbox-0.3.9 package to version control
01:43 Changeset[664] von oliver
Fix errors in dtmfbox package and pjsip
00:16 Changeset[663] von oliver
Only install fuse libs. Does it work?
00:16 Changeset[662] von oliver
Use rcapid from mtg-Server, add 2 patches
00:15 Changeset[661] von oliver
Forgot patches for labor wlan


23:41 Changeset[660] von oliver
Integrate 7170 labor wlan firmware
23:38 Changeset[659] von kriegaex
- Update #605 - #658 in change log - Update Nano menuconfig help (remove …
19:04 Changeset[658] von kriegaex
Forgot to remove a now empty and superfluous variable
17:18 Changeset[657] von kriegaex
- Update make files of eight packages with sub-options in menuconfig, so …
15:30 Changeset[656] von mike
-Fixed -Deleted cp in target, we have …
15:26 Changeset[655] von kriegaex
Fix typo
15:09 Changeset[654] von mike
-Deleted the now obsolete tools/
12:07 Changeset[653] von kriegaex
Use $< (first prerequisite) rather than $ (all prerequisites), because …
11:57 Changeset[652] von kriegaex
Last commit (#651) was not what I wanted, because the long removed target …
11:21 Changeset[651] von kriegaex
Bugfix (typo?): There is no BFTPD_LIBZLIB. The prerequisite was changed to …
08:49 Changeset[650] von kriegaex
Rename script and internally used shell function so their names state a …
08:40 Changeset[649] von kriegaex
Add "auto-rebuild for packages with sub-options" item
08:33 Changeset[648] von kriegaex
Add mike alias Michael Hampicke to credits
00:22 Changeset[647] von kriegaex
- Add remark to ldd item in TODO - Minor cosmetic changes (mixed space/tab …


09:02 Changeset[646] von mickey
Fixed my real name
03:57 Changeset[645] von kriegaex
Correct and enhance menuconfig help texts for "nanorc support" and …
03:32 Changeset[644] von kriegaex
Add a bunch of 10 'configure' options adding/removing features to/from …


22:47 Changeset[643] von oliver
Integrate bodega's dtmfbox package with pjsip, there are still some errors …
18:14 Changeset[642] von mike
- Removed some /dev/null redirections, as we wan't to see all the erors …
17:08 Changeset[641] von oliver
Fix compile error with DS_JLEVEL greater then 1 (by RalfFriedl)
13:54 Changeset[640] von mickey
Added Management Console option to OpenVPN
00:10 Changeset[639] von oliver
Bumped openvpn package to 2.1-rc4


22:49 Changeset[638] von kriegaex
Just to answer mike's question from #637: bash does not perform pathname …
17:23 Changeset[637] von mike
-igdd requires some extra libs. And can somebody please tell me, why the …
16:17 Changeset[636] von mickey
Bumped openvpn to 2.1-rc4
13:31 Changeset[635] von oliver
Fix typo
13:06 Changeset[634] von oliver
Integrate libcapi20, rcapid (by Nicolai Ehemann)
13:02 Changeset[633] von oliver
Now igdd can be removed for w501, w701 and w900
12:56 Changeset[632] von oliver
Copy igdd from tk firmware to filesystem (w501v, w701v and w900v), change …
12:42 Changeset[631] von kriegaex
Refine patches so they can cope with the situation that multid does not …
00:50 Changeset[630] von kriegaex
Missing patch for new 7170 Labor DSL


23:20 Changeset[629] von oliver
Remove task from todo (done in #628)
22:40 Changeset[628] von oliver
Change name of kernel configs to diff between ar7 and ohio
22:32 Changeset[627] von oliver
Integrate new 7170 labor dsl
16:32 Changeset[626] von mike
-Removed '-u' from MULTIDPARAM. I don't know what the hell this is, but …
14:03 Changeset[625] von kriegaex
Restore #581 version fitting 7170 (29.04.33) without fuzz, because another …
13:23 Changeset[624] von oliver
Build unionfs as module, activate CONFIG_BUG for 8mb_26
13:09 Changeset[623] von oliver
Set CONFIG_BUG=y, don't know why it is disabled
12:28 Changeset[622] von oliver
Bump 7170 labor vpn version to 34-7728
10:52 Changeset[621] von oliver
Enable ATA-Mode for W501V, W501 has no usb
07:20 Changeset[620] von kriegaex
Fix patches for W501V: - dos2unix - svn:executable ON …


22:30 Changeset[619] von oliver
Revert 3 unwanted changes introduced in #618
22:24 Changeset[618] von oliver
Integrate Speedport W501V
20:22 Changeset[617] von kriegaex
- Remove terminfo stuff - Add to-do for fixing source code patches - …
20:00 Changeset[616] von kriegaex
More ds26-15 release preparations: - Change .version from 15.0 to just 15 …
19:47 Changeset[615] von kriegaex
Finishing terminfo updates for Nano, MC and Screen: * no more terminfo …
18:56 Changeset[614] von kriegaex
- Big change log update in preparation of next release - Small to-do list …
18:37 Changeset[613] von mike
-Deleted 'patches/W900V/' as it becomes obsolete with …
17:05 Changeset[612] von oliver
Copy libgcc to ROOT_DIR in extra makefile (#608 was not complete)
16:48 Changeset[611] von oliver
Sync ncurses clean with buildroot
16:12 Changeset[610] von mike
-Fixed packages mc, nano and screen for terminfo files. All the needed …
14:12 Changeset[609] von oliver
Add another TODO
14:10 Changeset[608] von oliver
Copy libgcc to ROOT_DIR in extra makefile
13:38 Changeset[607] von oliver
Remove broken try to remove AVM's ftpd
13:25 Changeset[606] von oliver
Sync zlib-clean with buildroot, remove empty line
12:41 Changeset[605] von kriegaex
Pure vanity made me add a littel copyright notice to modpatch's auto-fix …
12:16 Changeset[604] von kriegaex
Patches: - With the new auto-fix mode of modpatch *ALL* patches have been …
09:06 Changeset[603] von kriegaex
New feature for modpatch: If $AUTO_FIX_PATCHES == "y", then the applied …


23:20 Changeset[602] von oliver
Bump libpcap to 0.9.6, tcpdump to 3.9.6; update tcpdump package
23:05 Changeset[601] von oliver
Remove dos line feeds
22:45 Changeset[600] von oliver
Fix pingtunnel makfile (missing space), CROSS_COMPILE flag not needed
22:40 Changeset[599] von oliver
Accept OEM avm for W701V
22:21 Changeset[598] von oliver
DS_COPY_MODULES does not work as intented
22:19 Changeset[597] von oliver
chmod is needed for openssl libs
22:07 Changeset[596] von oliver
Fix strip command (wrong dir)
21:37 Changeset[595] von kriegaex
Bugfix: 'sed' expression must match end of word for CONFIG_AR, otherwise …
21:08 Changeset[594] von kriegaex
Missing line feed at EOF
20:48 Changeset[593] von oliver
Fix typo in
20:47 Changeset[592] von oliver
Checked in old package versions for bftpd
20:42 Changeset[591] von oliver
Put bftpd(-zlib) packages under version control.
18:41 Changeset[590] von kriegaex
Put wake on LAN CGI package under version control. I wonder why this was …
16:51 Changeset[589] von kriegaex
Small correction: There is not 'source' subdirectory on
16:49 Changeset[588] von kriegaex
Replace package URLs ( → because Danisahne will …
15:43 Changeset[587] von mike
-Added helper script to flash a 'kernel.image' directly to mtd1 using …
11:43 Changeset[586] von kriegaex
New helper script 'tools/' generates a report showing which …
10:10 Changeset[585] von kriegaex
Add new switches for the menuconfig sub-menu "Advanced options" → …
01:37 Changeset[584] von kriegaex
Fix and beautify (make fit more nicely) Labor patches
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