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#2887 closed defect (fixed)

dnsmasq/multid: start dns of multid, if dns of dnsmasq has zero port configured, meaning it should not be started

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Dnsmasq is intended to be used only for bootp enquiries and as a dhcp proxy, not for dns itself. The dns of multid should be used for normal dns.
In order to make this work, dnsmasq is configured to use port zero for dns, meaning dns is not enabled.
However the start script does not evaluate this condition and does not start dns of multid.

The attached patch fixes this situation, with it dnsmasq can be used to be a dhcp proxy, bootp server with tftp server.
Using it in this way, the fritbox can be used as PXE bootp server.

DHCP Server is acitvated with option:,proxy

DHCP Boot is acitvated with option: pxelinux.0,,

TFTP Server is acitvated with option: /varInternerSpeicher/uStor01/tftpboot

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dnsmasq_multid.patch (1.3 KB) - hinzugefügt von dirkh vor 8 Monaten.
starts mulid, if dns port is zero
_config (75.1 KB) - hinzugefügt von dirkh vor 8 Monaten.

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starts mulid, if dns port is zero

Geändert vor 8 Monaten durch dirkh


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You can find some more information on this topic in:

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In 14126:


  • consider dnsmasq port while checking if dnsmasq dns-service is enabled, setting dns-port to 0 means disable dns-service (s. man page for more details)
  • based on patch from dirkh provided in #2887
  • refs #2887

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  • Lösung auf fixed gesetzt
  • Status von new nach closed geändert

fixed in r14126

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