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Support for (glass fiber) Fritz!Box 5490

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Priorität: low Meilenstein: new hardware support
Komponente: avm Version: devel
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The environment:

HWRevision:  223
HWSubRevision:  1
ProductID:  Fritz_Box_HW223
SerialNumber:  0000000000000000
annex:  Ohne
autoload:  yes
bootloaderVersion:  1.2650
country:  031
firstfreeaddress:  0x81139288
firmware_info:  151.06.83
firmware_version:  avme
flashsize:  nor_size=0MB sflash_size=1024KB nand_size=512MB
language:  en
maca:  CC:CE:1E:*
macb:  CC:CE:1E:*
macwlan:  CC:CE:1E:*
macwlan2:  CC:CE:1E:*
macdsl:  CC:CE:1E:*
memsize:  0x10000000
mtd0:  0x400000,0x3400000
mtd1:  0x0,0x400000
mtd2:  0x0,0x40000
mtd3:  0x40000,0xA0000
mtd4:  0xA0000,0x100000
mtd5:  0x0,0x200000
prompt:  Eva_AVM
tr069_passphrase:  123456789012
tr069_serial:  00040E-CCCE1E*
usb_board_mac:  CC:CE:1E:*6
usb_device_id:  0x0000
usb_device_name:  USB DSL Device
usb_manufacturer_name:  AVM
usb_revision_id:  0x0000
usb_rndis_mac:  CC:CE:1E:*
webgui_pass:  123456789012
wlan_key:  1234567890123456
wlan_ssid:  FRITZ!Box#5490#XX

There's an occasional user 'jschwart' on freenode ##fritzbox who is willing to test freetz support once this model is supported.

VR9 model, typical dual boot NAND layout. Partition sizes:

mtd0size	49,152 KB 
mtd1size	4,096 KB 
mtd2size	256 KB 
mtd3size	384 KB 
mtd4size	384 KB 
mtd5size	2,048 KB 
[    2.160000] Creating 6 MTD partitions on "ifx_hsnand":
[    2.160000] 0x000000000000-0x000000400000 : "kernel"
[    2.170000] 0x000000400000-0x000003400000 : "filesystem"
[    2.180000] 0x000003400000-0x000003800000 : "reserved-kernel"
[    2.180000] 0x000003800000-0x000006800000 : "reserved-filesystem"
[    2.190000] 0x000006800000-0x000006a00000 : "config"
[    2.200000] 0x000006a00000-0x000020000000 : "nand-filesystem"
[    2.210000] [TFFS3_Register_Panic_CB] registering panic callback for mtd ifx_hsnand
[    2.210000] {ifx_sflash_setbaudrate} VR9 A21 high baudrate support
[    2.210000] SPI Device: MX25P8005 0xC2 (MX) 0x20 0x14
[    2.210000] [TFFS3_Register_Panic_CB] registering panic callback for mtd ifx_sflash
[    2.220000] Creating 3 MTD partitions on "ifx_sflash":
[    2.230000] 0x000000000000-0x000000040000 : "urlader"
[    2.230000] 0x000000040000-0x0000000a0000 : "tffs (1)"
[    2.240000] 0x0000000a0000-0x000000100000 : "tffs (2)"

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I'll also write AVM about the source package. Is there anything else I could do to get this supported more quickly in Freetz?

I have the impression this model is very similar to the 7490.

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The sources for 6.84 are finally online, see here:

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